Holy Joe

Its a day of the week ending in y, so Senator Lieberman in on a power trip and being a pain in the ass. He has decided to hold healthcare reform hostage for the umpteenth time in recent weeks by now objecting to the proposed expansion of Medicare to people in the 55-64 year old category. Mind you, he campaigned on exactly the same idea during his 2006 reelection campaign. Now he complains about being worried about the plans costs and blah blah blah. I think I would actually be less annoyed if he just told the media “yeah the health insurance companies based in Connecticut just tossed a few million more dollars into my campaign fund so now I’ll oppose this plan they don’t like.” It would be crass but at least he would be honest for a change.

Its time for Harry Reid to stop pussyfooting around Lieberman. Tell him to support this healthcare reform bill, which is already perilously close to the tipping point at which liberals bail for principled reason, and teetering on the edge of what Ben Nelson can support for principled reasons, or get out of the caucus and relinquish his committee chairmanships. Tell him to support this bill or a strong Democrat will run against him in 2012 and said Democrat will be running zillions of ads tying Lieberman to the insurance lobby and blaming him for every Connecticut citizen that dies in the next few years because they couldn’t afford a new cancer treatment that their insurance company refused to pay for, or because the person was uninsured. Tell him we’ll do that even at the risk of the Republican in the race winning, because a Republican in Connecticut will probably be moderate enough that we can work with them at times when principles allow. Tell him to stop holding the Senate hostage with his sanctimonious bullcrap because we all know its bullcrap and sanctimony. The only principle that Joe Lieberman is interested in is the kind that his PAC’s bank account can earn interest on. Senator Reid needs to tell Lieberman that he’s very willing to destroy the temple (of supermajority status) in order to save it.


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