I Hate Freezing Rain

I suspect I am not alone in that thought:


On a personal note a rather interesting drive home from church this morning. Happily no injuries or damage, but the last block home was more fun than normal. Trying to get up a hill to my street I lost momentum about halfway up and then began to slide backwards. I thought for sure I was going to hit a parked car but I spun hard enough sideways that I hit the curb about a foot above the car, facing perpendicular to the road. Couldn’t get the car to move so I left my dad in the car and walked up to the house, got a canister of salt and walked back down to my car. And was that fun! I had to use someone’s hedge row like it was a rope and come down the hill that way. Even with a firm grip and practically placing my torso in the hedges I almost slid uncontrollably down the hill. Eventually I made it back to the car, spread some salt around the front tires, got the car moving in a dignified fashion down the hill and then did what I should’ve done all along, which is get up to my neighborhood using the paved road a block south rather than the brick road I normally use. Then I hid indoors for about 3 hours before going back out to make the grocery store run I had planned to make.

Thank God at least this hit on a Sunday morning, and not during the week! And also that temperatures warmed into the mid-40s eventually so the ice melted.


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