We Keep Seeing the Same Movie

You know, the one where the Steelers can’t hold a 4th quarter lead and end up losing? Absolutely putrid. First of all, the offense should’ve had more production in the 1st half; 3 red zone possessions and only one field goal let the Raiders hang around when they could have been disposed of quickly. But the Steelers still had a 10-6 lead and scored 14 4th quarter points; that needs to be enough. How the hell do you give up 21 points in one quarter to Oakland??? I mean, really. The 2009 Steelers might have the single worst highly regarded, highly ranked statistically defense in the history of the NFL. No pressure on Gradkowski in the 4th quarter and less than zero downfield coverage of receivers. The Steelers simply must get a good cover corner or two in the offseason, whether it be free agency or more likely at the Annual Selection Meeting in April. You can only blame so much on the injuries to Aaron Smith and Troy Polamalu. The other guys in the defensive backfield simply cannot suck this much and be allowed to wear an NFL uniform. You can find ways to rationalize the other losses this season. The Bengals are a good team. The Ravens are a good team and Ben didn’t play. The Bears and Chiefs were on the road. But there is no way to rationalize, knowing it was a must win and that screwing around for 3 quarters had cost them in previous games, that the Steelers would come out and again screw around for 3 quarters. Inexcusable. Now the only thing Pittsburghers will have to distract them in January will be hockey games and forecasts for the next upcoming snowstorm.

Yes, I know, they are still technically alive in the playoff race. Unless I am forgetting something all they need is a couple items out of Jacksonville losing twice, Denver losing twice, Baltimore losing a non-Pittsburgh game. Maybe 3 of 4 throw in the Jets losing a game. Miami they still play. But teams that lose to Kansas City and Oakland don’t make the playoffs, don’t deserve to make the playoffs. Hopefully they can at least avoid the embarrassment of losing in Cleveland and win a random other game to finish at .500. Anything more would be a moonshot.

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