Roll Tide!

Decisive win over the Florida Tebows puts the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS Title Game in Pasadena. I didn’t see the whole game; I missed the 3rd quarter being at the local Christmas parade but what I did see Alabama was able to control the ball against the Florida defense. Still, the Gators had their chances to make a comeback but got stymied twice inside the red zone. The decisiveness of the game would seem to quell any talk of Florida being able to hang onto 2nd in the rankings. If Texas wins they will match up with Alabama.

If Texas loses the title game spot probably goes to Cincinnati after the Bearcats comeback 45-44 win at Pittsburgh this afternoon. The Pitt holder has to feel sick about dropping that snap that would’ve put them up 7 with 90 seconds left, but that was a hideous defensive effort by Pitt on the final drive. I hate only rushing 3 as it gives the quarterback entirely too much time to find a receiver. Still, that was a great comeback from the Bearcats after being down 31-10 with Pitt running the ball at will. Its a pity for both them and TCU that the bowl subdivision lacks a playoff.


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