Pots and Seeds

Fear not, Buckeyenewshawk’s blog is still gardening free. This is merely a link for those curious about the group stage draws for the 2010 World Cup which will be announced Friday:


Frankly I can’t help thinking there is a better way to do this. While maintaining geographic diversity in all the groups is a laudable and logical goal, the current system practically ensures random variation will create Groups of Death and relatively weak groups. A relatively minor tweak to the current system could mitigate that. Rank the teams in each pot. Then when a Group is assigned a Pot 2 team, lets say its a relatively highly seeded team say that the Pot 3 team for this group will be relatively middling or relatively weak. Then whichever subset is still remaining draft a team correspondingly from Pot 4. That way you get a Group that is comprised of Seed, strong Pacific Rim, weak Southern Hemisphere, middling Europe, or Seed, weak Pacific Rim, middling Southern, strong Europe or etc. Also I wouldn’t necessarily seed the host country. Guarantee they make the Final sure but seeding a weaker host creates a potentially weak group. It should make for a fairer World Cup Final.


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