Our Annual Tradition

Okay, we have several. But this time of year its become tradition to apply this particular college football season’s set of facts and team accomplishments to arguments for why the BCS sucks. We all know it sucks: the logic of the superiority of a playoff system is inherent, manifest, and bountiful in examples. And yet we have college Presidents clinging to the fallacy that playing 3 or 4 playoff games like their smaller school brethren would somehow defecate on the concept of the student athlete out of a misplaced fear that a playoff would net their institutions of higher learning fewer millions of dollars and sated wealthy alumni than the bowl system. And so we make due with the BCS to placate us with the thought that at least this sucks less than the old system, where whomever the polls deemed #1 could hide in their conference’s bowl tie-in, or at a bowl played in their home stadium (yes I’m thinking of you The U.) hope that divine provenance would hand them an 8 win pantywaist of a foe and laugh all the way to glories reward.

Anyhow, let the beatings begin anew:



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