Steelers Lose Critical Showdown with Bengals

18-12 was the final score at Heinz Field. Stellar play by both defenses meant that the ultimate difference was a kickoff return touchdown by Cincinnati after the Steelers got the first score of the game on a field goal. Pittsburgh had 4 trips to the red zone and got merely 4 field goals to show for it. Ben wasn’t his sharpest today throwing the ball, but it was a very good defensive effort by the Bengals. They got consistent pressure, only let Ben escape the pocket a couple times all day, and did a solid job covering the receivers downfield.

So now the Steelers are 6-3 and will need help down the stretch to win the division over a 7-2 Bengals team that holds ironclad tiebreaking advantage by sweeping the season series. However the Steelers are still in good shape for a wildcard unless they get swept by Baltimore. They are 1 game (assuming they win tomorrow night in Cleveland) ahead of the Ravens, which is important because being 2nd in your division and not stuck in 3rd is of paramount importance in trying to get a wildcard berth. Also the Steelers have wins over both Denver and San Diego and are therefor on solid footing vis a vis whoever finishes 2nd in the West. With games remaining against Kansas City, Cleveland, and Oakland along with a home game against Green Bay and finishing the year at Miami, games which look at least winnable, Steeler fans don’t need to get too disconsolate about their fortunes yet. Then again, today’s loss robs of them of some of their margin for error. And this does make 3 straight games that the Steeler offense has not had tremendous success. Hopefully the trip to Arrowhead next Sunday can prove therapeutic.


One Response to “Steelers Lose Critical Showdown with Bengals”

  1. Douglas Says:

    See I did point out that the Bengals would win this weekend. So Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals!

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