NFL Standings After Week 9

Perhaps a bit premature, but here are the conference rankings at the midway point (everyone has played 8 games except the Texans and Giants who will take their byes this coming week) starting with the AFC:

1. Indianapolis
2. Denver
3/4. Cincinnati/New England*
5. Pittsburgh
6. San Diego
1/2 game out of 6th: Houston**
1 game out of 6th: NY Jets, Baltimore, Jacksonville
2 games out of 6th: Miami, Buffalo
3 games out of 6th: Tennessee, Oakland
Planning for 2010: Cleveland, Kansas City

And in the NFC:

1. New Orleans
2. Minnesota
3. Dallas
4. Arizona
5/6. Philadelphia/Atlanta*
1/2 game out of 6th: NY Giants**
1 game out of 6th: Green Bay, Chicago
2 games out of 6th: Carolina, San Francisco, Seattle
3 games out of 6th: Washington
Planning for 2010: Detroit, Tampa, St. Louis

* In the case of Cincy/New England and Philly/Atlanta the teams have not played each other (Eagles and Falcons will later in the year) they have identical conference records, and its too early to parse out the tiebreakers further down the list

** I did not bother placing tied teams outside playoff position in “correct” order.

Week 11 (the games centered around Sunday November 22nd) are the first subject to the NFL’s flexible scheduling system. With the exception of Week 17 the schedule will be finalized 12 days in advance wrt the start times for the Sunday games. The NFL announced today that none of the start times for November 22nd have been altered from what was originally announced in April.

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