Ohio St Gets Huge Win at Happy Valley

Beating Penn St 24-7 to improve to 5-1 in Big Ten play and setup a showdown for the conference title next Saturday against Iowa at the ‘Shoe. Pryor played mistake free if unspectacular and it was a supreme effort by the Buckeye defense. Indeed it would have been shutout if not for a dubious ruling to give Daryl Clarke a touchdown on 4th & Goal in the 2nd quarter. But the Lions never threatened to score after that and the Buckeyes were able to slowly pull away. As for Pryor he missed a couple wide open receivers, particularly at the very end of the 1st half, but he didn’t commit any turnovers, and the way the Buckeye defense was playing not screwing up was what it took.

Like I said it sets up a big showdown next week with Iowa who will probably be without their starting quarterback after he severely sprained his ankle in the Hawkeyes loss to Northwestern today. Unless there is a 6-2 triangle or quadrangle of death scenario I am not thinking of, the winner of the Iowa/Ohio St game will win the conference’s auto BCS bid.

In other college football news, the SEC continues to rig it so that Alabama and Florida are undefeated heading into the conference title game, guaranteeing one and perhaps both of them make the national title game. Alabama up 6 late in the game throws an obvious interception to LSU that is ruled incomplete (out of bounds) on the field. Easily correctable by review as the Tiger clearly possessed the ball. One could argue it was an interception by NFL rules as he had one foot down in bounds when he caught the ball, then the toe of his other foot clearly kicks inbounds after that. Review refuses to correct the call and Alabama ends up kicking an icing field goal. Inexcusable and when coupled with a couple calls late in the Florida v Arkansas game and other plays over the years I really can’t help but think that the SEC is having its refs make sure the correct team wins these big games. Perhaps even more to the point, even if that is not happening its the easy conclusion for people to come to, and that is a real problem that goes to the integrity of the sport. And its easily correctable. Don’t have the conferences assign officials. Have officials work across the NCAA like they do in basketball. Because the money involved makes it too tempting for conferences to rig game in favor of their top teams.


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