Issue 3 Winning

Ohio might be about to pass a gambling initiative. The results are still coming in but my quickie 5 minute analysis of the results I think its going to pass. Currently holding about a 6 point lead statewide. Its winning by huge margins in Cuyahoga and Hamilton County along with a solid lead in Lucas County. It has some narrow wins/leads in more rural NE and SW Ohio counties and relatively narrow (for the most part) losses in SE, Central, and NW Ohio counties. Its also losing in Franklin County after some officials in Columbus came out against it in recent days due to unease with building the casino in the Arena District. But looking at the map a lot of the “no” counties are reported or nearly reported, and Cuyahoga County is still at only 41% reporting, Hamilton County less than that. Based on those mathematics and the present nearly 7 point lead Buckeyenewshawk is projecting that Issue 3 will pass.

Issues 1 and 2 are also leading by much more comfortable margins. Not surprising as they were I believe far less controversial proposals.


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