Obama v Fox

The Obama White House has finally declared enough’s enough wrt Fox News:


I applaud the Administration’s stance. No self-respecting Democrat should appear on that network. Its purpose has been to voice conservative political thought since its founding in the 1990s. Its commentators are almost exclusively right wing. Its founder Roger Ailes was one of the money men funding the Arkansas Project at the heart of the vast right wing conspiracy during the Clinton years. Its broadcasts, including the news programs and not just the commentators, relentlessly promoted the Tea Bag movement from Day 1. Those tea baggers rarely seemed concerned about the federal deficit when the Bush Administration was fighting needless wars in Iraq so billions in defense contracts could be funneled to Cheney’s cronies at Halliburton, but as soon as Obama started spending some money trying to pull the country out of the recession, including the implementation of the TARP program that Bush started, all bets were off. Frankly, I wonder what took the White House this long to declare war. Let other reporters write their stories about the White House attacking “our sisters” if they insist, but they shouldn’t be expected to take Fox’s guff sitting down.


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