Buckeyes Take Inexcusable Loss

26-18 was the unfortunate final score at Purdue’s Ross-Ade Stadium. Ohio St led most of the 1st half until an incomprehensible decision by Jim Tressel to not run out the half let Purdue get the ball back and they hit a couple passes and a 55 yard field goal for the 9-7 lead. Then it was all Purdue in the 3rd quarter and Ohio St was unable to come all the way back when a late 4th quarter drive fizzled and Purdue got a 1st down by penalty.

After 7 games of this season it is becoming clear to me that some changes need to be made. First of all, Tressel needs to let someone else do the offensive play calling. My main concern is that Tressel seems to be prone anymore to making horrible game management decisions, the end of the 1st half being the latest example. Deep in his own end with a 1 point lead and having one more down than Purdue had timeouts he could’ve just ran the clock out. But the incomplete pass on 2nd down allowed Purdue to use their time out after the 3rd down running play was stopped and force a punt. They then moved the ball far enough quick enough to get a half ending field goal. I would expect better from a high school coach. If he wasn’t busy calling plays he would have a chance to step back and consider the game as a whole. My other concern here is that Tressel frankly isn’t the best of play callers. Where was the traditional running game? Ohio St has running backs, Purdue had Pryor contained, how about running the damn ball some? It would’ve given the defense some rest. And, who knows, it may’ve actually worked. Letting Terrelle Pryor throw the ball certainly wasn’t.

And speaking of Terrelle Pryor he needs benched until he learns how to throw a forward pass. His running ability is great and all it can really aid the offense at times. But a modern major college football team that cannot complete forward passes is never going to be better than mediocre. He throws off his back foot all the time and I’m not convinced he even bothers to notice the defense. He just throws it somewhere irregardless of how many defenders have that covered. If and until he appears receptive to coaching get him out of there in favor of someone that can complete passes in a non-random fashion. Rely on the running backs to run the ball and have a passing game that doesn’t look like a high school offense. You can implement a “wildcat” package to use Pryor’s skills a few plays a game if you like. But he’s not ready for primetime.

All that having been said Ohio St still has a solid chance at the Rose Bowl if they can remove head from ass. There might be a scenario that I am not thinking of, but if they would happen to win out that would involve beating Penn St, Iowa, and Michigan so I would think they would win the conference’s BCS bid. But having watched them so far I’m not real confident in that “win out” part.


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