Improving Rt. 30 & Clinton Rd Interchange

That is what Findlay Township officials would like to do if they can get PennDOT funding for the project:

Upgrades would definitely be helpful speaking as someone that uses that interchange twice a day. A lot of traffic comes through here and uses Clinton Rd to cut over to Rt 60 at Pittsburgh International Airport. Its a faster way to head towards Pittsburgh than taking Rt 30 right through downtown Imperial to Rt 22 and locals use Clinton Rd to get to Rt 60 towards Beaver County as well. But I’m not sure how much room there is to widen roads, especially Clinton Rd which has a restraunt hard to one side and a convenient store on the other. Eastbound Rt 30 there is a gravel lot that could be trimmed to make room for a left turn lane and a straight/right turn lane of travel. But westbound is contrained by the above said convenient store on one side and the Clinton PA Post Office on the other side. I don’t know if PennDOT would want to pay for completely re-routing Clinton Rd to come out on 30 at a less congested spot. But even merely giving eastbound 30 a left turn lane at the intersection could ease congestion a fair bit.


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