BG Survives Dix Stadium

A Tyler Sheehan scamper with 5 seconds remaining gives Bowling Green a narrow 36-35 victory over Kent St, thus spoiling the Flashes homecoming festivities. Sheehan set school records for attempts, completions, and yards by going 44-63 for 505 yards and Freddie Barnes also set school records for receptions and yards by having 22 catches for 278 yards. But those gaudy numbers were quite nearly not enough as Kent had 1st quarter scores on an 85 yard reverse and an 82 yard return of a blocked field goal. Despite those miscues BG did carry a 17-14 lead into halftime, but Kent came out in the 2nd half and built a 28-17 lead. After a BG TD w/ failed 2-pointer made it 28-23 Kent went right back down the field to lead 35-23 in the 4th quarter and subsequently stopped BG on downs at the 20 yard line with about 6 minutes left. But after the Flashes got a 1st down forcing BG to use a couple timeouts defensively, Kent didn’t do a single thing right the rest of the game. BG got the ball back around midfield and Kent saw a pass to Barnes go the distance for the quick score the Falcons needed to pull within 35-30 with plenty of time left they could afford to kick deep. Kent then had a 3 and out that included 2 incomplete passes. They did punt BG fairly deep, but with over 3 minutes remaining, it was plenty of time to drive the field. BG did basically use all of that time with the Sheehan run leaving only 5 seconds left on the clock (they did have that timeout left that could’ve been used if he had been stopped short of the end zone). BG then smartly took a knee on the conversion play to avoid any 2 point defensive conversion plays and successfully defended a hail mary pass.

So, with the win BG improves to 2-4 and 1-1 in the MAC still alive to win the East. My hunch is this BG team is too mediocre to win the East, but someone has to.

In other Bowling Green news, the University has announced a committee to spearhead a fundraising drive for upgrades to the Ice Arena. It will be led by Mike Pikul, Gary Galley, and Scott Hamilton. Hopefully they are able to raise the necessary funds to keep the hockey team and get it viable again. Below is the link to the full release:


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