Philly Flyers Still Cheap Shot Artists

I realize that is probably not a newsflash to people familiar with the NHL, but the Flyers sunk to a new low at the end of tonight’s loss to the Penguins. With 1.5 seconds left they took a gratuitous run at Marc Andre Fleury and in the ensuing scrum Hartnell decided to bite Kris Letang in the hand and Chris Pronger put someone in a choke hold. Its not really surprising that the Flyers would fight like nancy boys, but I would’ve thought they would be used to losing to the Penguins by now. Props to to the Philly crowd for chanting “Crosby sucks” at the end of a game that their team had just lost. You would think the fans might want to direct that ire at their own team for having not won a damn thing since Gerald Ford was President. Then again the words “think” and “Philly fan” are not used in the same sentence often.


One Response to “Philly Flyers Still Cheap Shot Artists”

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    A+ blog post!

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