Busy Sports News Day In Cleveland

As the Indians announced the firing of manager Eric Wedge and the Browns announce that Derek Anderson will be the starting quarterback this coming Sunday against the Bengals.

I am in favor of the removal of Wedge, though I find it interesting that they would announce it now while allowing him to continue to manage the final handful of games remaining through Sunday. I guess they want to be able to begin a public search for a replacement without it appearing unseemly. At any rate, its time for a change. Actually, I think it was a season ago but it certainly is now. The Indians are in full rebuilding mode after July’s activity. Also, to be quite frank, I was not massively impressed with Wedge’s managerial skill. There were any number of times just in the odd game that I would catch in person or on TV that he made tactical blunders, didn’t handle a controversial umpiring decision, etc very well. It will be interesting to see who the Indians tab to replace Wedge. I fully assume it’ll be a lower cost hire, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. All high profile managers got their start somewhere, after all.

As for the Browns and Mangini’s decision to go with Anderson I frankly disagree. Brady Quinn was a 1st round draft choice a couple years ago and he is the future of the franchise. This team is going to lose more than they win irregardless of quarterback; why not play your future and let him gain experience? I would not have pulled him from the Baltimore game last Sunday for the same reason. Of course what this tells you is that Mangini is not sold on Quinn and might look to go with DA or a totally different option long term. Going with Anderson could be defensible though the Browns would not be able to get a 1st round pick in trade for Quinn they could get something to rebuild with. But going a 3rd route would mean completely starting from scratch. And while this team hasn’t looked very good so far they could get better as the season progresses. For what it is worth the 3 teams they have played so far are all undefeated, which is to say, they are a combined 6-0 against teams other than the Browns. I say stick with Quinn and let him go through growing pains with the rest of the team.


One Response to “Busy Sports News Day In Cleveland”

  1. Brian Says:

    Apparently Wedge asked to know his fate before the last road trip — that’s why they did it now instead of after the season.

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