Thinking of Going to a Pirates Game Opposite the G-20

The Pirates are quoting Kevin Bacon in Animal House: Remain calm. All is well:


Fans coming to the North Shore to watch the Pirates host the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday, September 24 at 12:35 p.m. and the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday, September 25 at 7:05 p.m. should see only minimal impact on traffic and parking patterns due to the G-20 Summit across the Allegheny River in downtown Pittsburgh.

* All streets and avenues on the North Shore will remain open, as well as the main traffic arteries of the Parkway East, Parkway North, the Fort Duquesne Bridge and Fort Pitt Bridge, allowing fans to have normal access to and from PNC Park.
* Like with all weekday afternoon games at PNC Park, all parking lots and garages on the North Shore will be opened for fans, while closed to commuter traffic.
* The Roberto Clemente Bridge will be closed for vehicular traffic, but opened for pedestrians. It will be closed to fans who are driving to and from the games who otherwise do not have a reason go into downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit. The Clemente Bridge remains one of three designated entry points into downtown for all permitted vehicles meeting certain requirements (more info at The sidewalks will be open for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
* The Port Authority will be providing bus and t-service into the downtown area. Fans can consult the Port Authority website,, for information regarding public transportation routes and limitations, as well as complete traffic and parking information during the G-20 Summit.

As if Pittsburgh commuters won’t have it rough enough as it is, the North Shore lots won’t even be an option Thursday.


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