Potential MLB/NFL Scheduling Snafu

Monday October 5th is when Major League Baseball would hold any necessary one game playoffs to complete its postseason field. One of the few potential ties is for the American League Central, where Minnesota would host Detroit should they tie. That particular day’s Monday Night Football game is Green Bay @ Brett Favre:


Less than perfect options here. I fully understand why the NFL would not want to move their game. Its a marquee matchup this year and I’m sure Fox is looking forward to having the actual Favre return to Green Bay. Also, no one will know for sure that this matchup will happen until the MLB regular season ends the prior day. So, they could play the baseball game at 11am CDT that day with the football to follow. But what if the baseball goes 15 innings? Do you set a drop dead time and suspend the game if it reaches that time? One thing to do that with a regular season game, but a 1 game playoff? I would say the only rational option would be to wait until Tuesday to contest the playoff. That means possibly messing a tad with the normal flow of the American League Division Series but its the best option. Short of either the Tigers or Twins having the good sense to decide this in 162 games of course.


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