Steelers Fritter Away Lead, Game in Chicago

The Bears claimed the 17-14 win on a late Robbie Gould field goal, but the Steelers should’ve had this game. After driving the field and scoring the opening drive of the game the Steelers offense kept finding ways to not score. Ben missed a couple open passes, he got hit on a deep ball attempt that was picked off, receivers slipped coming out of breaks, etc. The Bears came to life at the end of the half and got the game tied at 7. In the 2nd half the Steelers again had a go-ahead TD drive to go up 14-7 only to see the Bears go right back the other way. Then the Steelers stalled and Jeff Reed missed a 38 yard field goal wide left. After stopping the Bears the Steelers drived again only to have a 3rd down deep pass to Holmes go through his hands in the end zone and then have Reed yank another kick wide left from 43. Then the Bears got the yards to give Gould a chance at a 45 yarder with 15 seconds left which he nailed. I am sure most of the anger from quick-tempered fans and media in Pittsburgh will be aimed at Reed (and the fact is he had a sub-par preseason too) but there is plenty to go around. The offense self-killed promising drives too often and the Steelers defense couldn’t get the big stop on numerous 3rd downs on the Bears scoring drives.

So now the Steelers find themselves chasing Baltimore who survived San Diego to improve to 2-0 and find themselves playing a critical early season road game at 1-1 Cincinnati who looked sharp winning at Lambeau today and if not for one fluke play last week would be 2-0 also. No reason to panic after one loss but there are things that the Steelers definitely need to improve if they want to take a serious stab at repeating as champs.


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