NFL Season Off To Great Start

A number of thrilling finishes and we are only 1/17 of the way through the season. It started last Thursday night with the Steelers overtime win over the Titans. Pittsburgh was poised to win in regulation before the Titans forced a fumble from Hines Ward at the 5 yard line. Some were saying at the time that Ward should’ve fallen down as soon as he caught it so the Steelers could run the clock down and then kick a field goal, but I disagree. I like getting the touchdown and not leaving it in the kicker’s hands (or foot I guess). Also, the Titans had their timeouts left so they could’ve used them and forced a FG with about 40 seconds left on 4th down, and then tried to drive the field themselves.

Sunday afternoon saw a number of strong finishes, none whackier than Denver’s miracle win at Cincinnati. After holding the Bengals scoreless for over 59 minutes Denver yielded a touchdown with 38 seconds left (it took forever for the officials to notice the clock ran down to 20 and reset it) to trail 7-6. Then a deep pass was deflected by a Bengal defender into the arms of Brandon Stokley for an 87 yard score. If Alcoa still presented “Fantastic Finishes” during the 2 minute warning that clip would definitely make the rotation. Almost as whacky was the 4th quarter of the night game at Lambeau. Fake punt on 4th & 11 leading? Letting a receiver beat you deep in the final 90 seconds while leading? And of course both Monday Night games. I for one agreed with the Buffalo return man bringing the ball out of the end zone. By so doing he had succeeded in running the clock down to 2 minutes, thus meaning the Patriots would burn that free timeout on the change of possession stoppage. Just don’t fight for every yard like that, which is to say, just don’t fumble the ball. I wasn’t awake for the night game, but the Chargers scored with about 17 seconds left to win.

Hopefully the remaining 16 games are as good!


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