US Open Schedule

Has been thrown in quite a bind by the recent rainstorm to hit the east coast. As per the official US Open website, here is the updated schedule for the remaining singles matches:

Sunday 9/13 Noon (ESPN2): Men’s Semifinal Nadal v Del Potro
Sunday 9/13 4pm (CBS): Men’s Semifinal Federer v Djokivic (if Nadal match runs long CBS picks up end of match after NFL games end and then Federer match after conclusion)
Sunday 9/13 9pm (ESPN2) Women’s Final Wozniacki v Clijsters (time approximate if men’s matches run long could push back start time USTA is considering this a different session so Ashe Stadium must be cleared and new fans admitted before match can be held)
Monday 9/14 4pm (CBS) Men’s Final (time approximate play begins at 1pm on ESPN2 with the women’s doubles final if match were to run long could push back start time.)

It appears the weather is cleared in New York so they should be able to adhere to this schedule.


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