Good East Liverpool/Steubenville Battled Marred By Final Play

Leading by 11 points and with time in the game set to expire, Steubenville chose to snap the ball one more time in order to throw a 15 yard TD pass. I was quite frankly shocked, as Big Red Head Coach Reno Saccoccia is not usually classless like that. I recall him going so far as to take knees on PAT plays to keep the score as deflated as possible. Maybe he just wanted the final margin of victory to be close to what was expected pregame?

At any rate I thought it was a very encouraging effort by the Potters to hang in there with mighty Big Red. The game was tied at 14 before Steubenville got a score late in the 1st half. Admittedly Big Red was without their starting quarterback and looked a bit flat at times coming off their big win last week against Woodland Hills (PA) but it was still a very game, encouraging effort by the Potters even though they lose and drop to 1-2 on the season. Try to bounce back at home next Friday night against Youngstown Chaney.

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