DirecTV Loses Right to Carry Versus

As of today, September 1st, DirecTV doesn’t offer Versus as the owner of that sports channel, Comcast and DirecTV failed to reach a carriage rights agreement.  According to the official information provided by DTV Comcast is charging an exorbitant amount of money to carry the channel in an obvious attempt to either bilk money from DirecTV or so it can advertise against a weakness in the DTV channel lineup.  DirecTV in the meantime suggests its customer service reps advise angry customers that they can still get the sports Versus carries on numerous other channels.  And that is true.  But, of course, the college football or NHL game that is on Versus isn’t on anywhere else, a particular problem with hockey as Versus has the exclusive United States cable national contract for NHL games.  Hopefully DirecTV and Comcast will be able to work out this impasse quickly.

Of course, this game shouldn’t be unfamiliar to DirecTV; it was at least loosely on the other end with the NFL, with whom they have an exclusive contract for the Sunday Ticket pay-per-view package and as a consequence carry the NFL Network on all full base packages, when they played hardball with the rights fees and viewership guarantees for the NFL Network with the cable companies including notably Comcast.  What goes around comes around.


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