Ready for the FedEx Cup?

The format has been tweaked for this, the 3rd installment of golf’s 4 tournament playoff system:

It sounds like solid modifications resetting the points before the final event giving all 30 people who advance that far a theoretical chance to win the Cup.  Still, it could get interesting for the people who do enter that last event outside the top 5.  Basically, they’ll need to win and get help.  It’ll be a bit like figure skating in the old ordinals system where the skater that entered 4th had to win the free skate, and have the leader entering finish no better than 3rd.  Guys in the middle of the pack will need to have top guys buried down the leaderboard.  And of course combining and averaging points to account for ties will add another level of confusion.  Someone could be good if player x is in a 5 way tie for 4th (thru 8th) place but if a guy bogeys 18 to drop out of that tie and make it a 4 way tie for 4th (thru 7th) it changes the points and he’s not okay.  NBC will have to keep a couple fast computers tracking the points closely.  Unless of course whoever is 1st in points entering the Tour Championship wins and makes it simple.


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