NFL on Fox Broadcast Pairings

The below list shamelessly lifted from awfulannouncing:

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick
Dick Stockton and Charles Davis
Ron Pitts and John Lynch
Chris Myers and Trent Green

First of all, I have to assume and hope this list accidentally omitted Kenny Albert/Moose/Goose.  Secondly, below that top crew (or two) there isn’t much to give fans hope here.  BTN and BCS games have shown Thom Brennaman to leave a lot to be desired when it comes to calling football.  Charles Davis is okay usually but occassionally not.  Brian Billick was fairly solid last year on a lower ranked crew but struggled at times to get his point across concisely.  And obviously John Lynch and Trent Green are unknown quantities.  Bottom line is I think CBS will continue to have the better broadcasting depth, at least if you ignore Steve Tasker and Gus Johnson.


3 Responses to “NFL on Fox Broadcast Pairings”

  1. Brian Says:

    As usual your anti-Gus bias blinds you to the virtues of announcers who care about the game going on in front of them. Other than that, I’m with you on your judgment here.

    • buckeyenewshawk Says:

      There is caring about a game. Greg Gumbel cares about a game. Al Michaels cares about a game. Gus Johnson wets himself every time someone converts a 1st down near midfield in the middle of the 1st quarter. And that annoys my sense of proportion greatly.

  2. Rickster Says:

    We need more Al Michaels’ and John Maddens’ out there in NFL TV land. -DID YOU HEAR ME COLLINGSWORTH ?! -I hope so.

    Oh, and can the NFL please step in and get rid of “MOOSE” and that fat slob “GOOSE” as NFL commentating/announcing for NFL games on National TV.
    Those 2 clowns are the worst !!!
    FOX’s (NFL) has gone downhill.
    No wonder Terry Bradshaw wants to retire from Fox. -now I understand why.

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