Pirates And Indians Make Trades

As the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline in Major League Baseball approaches both area ballclubs engaged in the further selling off of key pieces.  The biggest trade (at least so far) today in baseball was the Indians sending ace pitcher Cliff Lee and utility outfielder Ben Francisco to Philadelphia for four highly rated prospects.  In the grand scheme of things this trade was also significant for signalling that the Phillies will NOT be trading for Toronto uber ace Roy Halliday as had been widely rumored the past couple weeks.  Philadelphia did not like the Blue Jays steep asking price and get a very good pitcher just one step down from Halliday for a less draconian asking price.  As for the Indians, they get 4 prospects, all rated in the top 10 in the Phillies organization by Baseball America, a widely respected source on such things.  Not sure Francisco’s role in the trade, unless Philly basically told the Indians that they needed a 2nd major leaguer if they were to part with 4 prospects.  Obviously, he is not getting a ton of playing time at the detriment of a current member of their All Star outfield.  As for Halliday, the Blue Jays may very well still move him, but it obviously won’t be to Philly.  My hunch is the Dodgers or Red Sox, but we shall see.

The Pirates made two separate trades today, sending the heart and soul of the team in Jack Wilson and a malcontent in Ian Snell to Seattle for Ronny Cedeno and several prospects.  While I hate to see Wilson go, Neil Huntington got the Mariners to overpay, like some of the other trades he has made this season.  Obviously Seattle is banking that a change of scenery (like Pittsburgh to Indianapolis was) is all Snell needed to turn back into a highly useful major league starting pitcher.  But I don’t know if Snell will be able to immediately help Seattle, Wilson is a good shortstop for sure but I don’t think a paradigm shifter, and Seattle wasn’t likely going to be able to overtake Anaheim either way.  In other words, I think they bought near the trade deadline with 2010 in mind.  The Pirates will use Cedeno so they can have players in the middle infield while hoping his bat gets stronger and there seems to be reason to be bullish on a couple of the prospects.

In the other trade announced shortly after their series against the Giants ended this afternoon Freddie Sanchez was asked to migrate from the visitor’s clubhouse to the home house and play for the Giants in exchange for one minor league pitcher rated the 10th best right handed pitcher in baseball again by Baseball America.  This trade feels more like a dumping than the other moves Huntington has made this year; its one All Star for one AA pitcher.  But its a pitcher with relatively strong prospects, so this trade could still work for the Pirates.  The value in the move to the Giants is obvious.


2 Responses to “Pirates And Indians Make Trades”

  1. Jacinto Kelvin Stevens Says:

    I wish I could of been there in San Francisco to see all those angry texas fans walk out.

  2. Bowen Says:

    This is the interesting and good read. The blog is published in a way it’s so easily readable and understand. I’m a fan of your blog. Appreciate your sharing this info.

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