Favre Tells Vikings to Deal Him Out

The latest twist in this years and years old saga; aging quarterback Brett Favre phoned Minnesota Viking’s coach Brad Childress today to inform him that he has chosen to remain retired.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but that is today’s update.

Seriously, that is probably it, as this announcement probably means Favre won’t play at all in 2009, and its hard to picture someone at his age playing after skipping a whole season.  Of course, if someone has their top 1 or 2 qbs get hurt in camp or by early in the season and some reporter manages to track Favre down and get him to talk (like that’s ever hard) and ask him if he would perhaps be interested . . .  All I’m saying is that while our nation’s 2nd oldest soap opera, barely shorter than Guiding Light, appears to’ve hit the closing credits, I wouldn’t rule anything out.


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