At Least One Vote That Roethlisberger Did It

Of course, maybe she is a golddigger?  Didn’t go to the police because she was afraid Harrah’s would fire her?  That doesn’t wash with me, sorry.  You go to the police, have the rape kit done, the whole 9 yards.  Then if Harrah’s fires you for no good reason, then you sue their asses off for wrongful termination, perhaps hostile workplace if that fits.  To me, staying silent for one full year and then suing is just a tad fishy.  Look, I’m not categorically saying Andrea McNulty is lying and I’m not saying Ben Roethlisberger is a saint because he can throw a football well.  But as things stand I am moreso inclined to believe his version of events.  Because they probably did have consensual sex, and then the “fixing the TV” story was so she could explain her spent time to her bosses.  But we’ll see what happens.


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