St. Tebow Fails to Garner Consensus Preseason All-SEC Status

OMG!!!  Stop the presses!  Call out the National Guard!  Get the Joint Chiefs to the Situation Room!  OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The world is ending OMG!!!

Dear God I would call this the most vapid headline I have seen in a long time, but there are websites out there telling me Jon Gosselin was seen with Lindsay Lohan’s dad, so its a close call.  But can someone please inform the good folks at ESPN and anyone else covering this story that its not a story at all.  If there is anything less useful than PRESEASON All-blahblahblah teams I am not immediately familiar with it.  And yes, Tim Tebow is a good college football player.  But he has never walked on water, parted seas, converted water into vino, raised the dead, or raised himself from the dead.  So lets not pretend otherwise.  And mostly, lets not fret over complete and total non-stories.  We have other reasons to lampoon Steve Spurrier.


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