Red Sox Acquire Adam LaRoche

Sending two prospects to Pittsburgh in return.  It is apparently Boston’s plan to start LaRoche at 1st base and have Kevin Youkilis play 3rd while Mike Lowell is out of commission.  To which I would ask “why?”  Why would you want a 1st baseman whose performance at the plate is like Reggie Sanders, with the exception that his hot stretches are not as blazing or as powerful, and his cold streaks are much longer?  I do not always subscribe to the baseball theory that you have to get x amount of production from certain positions on the field; so long as the production comes from somewhere you are fine.  But 1st base is the exception.  A well above average defensive 1st baseman isn’t worth having a 1st baseman that can’t hit.  Oh well that is Boston’s worry now.  Maybe the Pirates will now have someone with offensive skill batting cleanup.


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