Almost Historic

With a one shot lead in the 18th fairway at Turnberry 32 years after his Duel in the Sun with Jack Nicklaus it looked like Tom Watson might write a new and greatest chapter in his golf story by winning a major, his record-tying 6th Open Championship, and at the ripe age of 59.  But a little adrenaline got into his 8-iron, he was unable to make the up-and-down par from behind the green, and he lost the 4 hole aggregate score playoff badly.  But even coming in 2nd is a tremendous achievement for Watson and should be commended fully.

What should also not be lost sight of, however, is the solid play down the stretch that put Stewart Cink in position to claim his first major title, have his named etched on the Claret Jug and be proclaimed Champion Golfer.  I don’t think anyone else in serious contention in the final round was able to par 18.  Cink birdied it.  And while Watson’s collapse turned the 4 hole playoff into a victory lap for Cink, it should also be noted that he did play those holes in -2, not easy in any circumstance.  He’s been close before, and its nice to see Cink get over the hump (or should I say sand dune) as he’s been one of the most consistently solid golfers the past number of years.  This tournament will be remembered for Tom Watson turning back the hands of time.  Some will doubtlessly try to minimize Cink’s victory by pointing out that Mickelson was  a DNP and Tiger missed the cut.  But it was a champion effort nonetheless.


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