Thanks to PennDOT for Making My Life a Living Hell

They already decided to toss up a random red light on Campbell Run Rd at the Exxon Station.  And they have 22/Steubenville Pike down to 1 lane in each direction at the overpass over the Parkway, which causes delays that spill out onto the Parkway most afternoons.  And of course the missing ramps project that will sometimes cause residual delays on Campbells Run, especially when they had weekend lane restrictions on the Parkway.  Now we have a new addition.  Driving home today I encountered about a 100 foot stretch of the right lane that was closed between the I-576 on ramp and the Clinton Rd off-ramp/Airport on-ramp interchanges.  It appeared that a small trench had been jackhammered in about a 15 foot stretch.  For that huge work I was forced to wait 10 blessed minutes in stop and go traffic.  It took me right about one full hour to make my 45 minute drive home.  Is it too much to ask that I have a way home in the afternoon that doesn’t take all night, PennDOT?  Do you have to screw with the commuting public so much and literally not allow an unhindered route west and north out of the City?  I could go through Settlers Cabin and down onto 22 past the construction in Robinson and stay on 30 at Imperial, but I’m still dealing with the genius red light at Exxon.  I could take Business 60 and deal with the red lights near the cargo section of the Airport and University Blvd towards Robert Morris then either peal back south on 60 to Clinton Rd or head north to take Rt 151 towards home.  But I think they have construction where B60 dumps back onto northbound 60.  I’m thinking of just hiring a damned private helicopter and flying home.  I’m sure East Liverpool City Hospital won’t mind if I use their helipad if I make a sufficient donation.


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