The Robert McNamara Legacy

Just a stray thought here, perhaps a bit different than what you are reading in the McNamara obits that have ran since his death a couple days ago.  Its sort of a “for want of a nail the empire fell” sort of tail.  It was McNamara, while SecDef, who commissioned the writing of the Pentagon Papers.  If he hadn’t done that obviously they wouldn’t have been there for Daniel Ellsberg to leak.  That leaking was a primary reason that the Nixon White House formed a secretive band called the “Plumbers” and they did things like break into the office of Ellsberg’s pychiatrist looking for dirt.  If the Plumbers don’t exist, the Watergate break-in doesn’t happen.  So, go ahead, blame Vietnam on McNamara if you want.  Personally I’ll blame him for bringing down the Nixon Administration. 🙂


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