Wedge Issue

I don’t know what it says about my level of cynicism that I had a random stray thought today, then log onto and see that Bill Livingston had EXACTLY the same thought.  For sure its spooky:

Its not a random fear at all.  The Indians did this last year to a certain extent; have a lousy first half and then a hot second half to get back to .500 and Wedge keeps his job.  Tribe fans face the same conundrum this year.  Do we root for them to win games?  It won’t accomplish anything positive, as winning the division is out of the question now and even getting back to .500 is probably beyond the pale.  But if the Indians screw up and get hot and end up at, say, 75+ wins they probably keep Eric Wedge on for yet ANOTHER season.  Which is to say another season of trying to overcome idiotic game management decisions.  Its bad enough trying to overcome a craptacular bullpen and the injury bug.  A solid July and offseason by the front office and this team can be contenders in 2010, but that we need a new field manager is painfully obvious.  If the team keeps losing at the current pace I think we’ll get one.  If they rally, Wedge keeps his job.  Which puts Indians fans in a horrid catch-22.


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