Stonewall 40 Years Later

Despite Democrats controlling Pennsylvania Avenue, progress is slow on gay rights:

Personally, I wish the Obama Administration was pushing a bit harder on this, but I realize they have other priorities.  Also, I’m sure they realize how badly Clinton bungled his opening months on “don’t ask don’t tell” and are a bit afraid of the issue.  But its time the ball gets rolled further downhill on this.  I see no harm in gays getting married; that should be a state issue and I’m not sure DOMA is constitutional for that reason.  Certainly, I would think reasonable people can at least agree that gays should be legally protected from hate crimes.

But, this is a generational issue probably even more so than a liberal/conservative issue.  As the article mentions, people under 40 (like me) tend to be pro-gay, people over 40 definitely still tend to have strong reservations about gay rights.  In this regard its a lot like civil rights was 45 years ago.  Its just that now the baby boomers are on the other side of the equation.  Presumably the legal landscape will improve for gays, but I suspect it’ll be more gradual.  We don’t have any modern versions of Bull Connor or George Wallace making older straits sit back and say “oh my goodness that just ain’t right even if they are gay.”  But change will come.


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