Congressman Wilson Voted No on Cap & Trade

From his e-letter:

Dear Friends,

Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted on H.R. 2454 – The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. This month alone I heard from thousands of residents of Ohio’s Sixth District via email and phone and I wanted to let you know that I voted “no” on the bill.

Members of the House worked very hard to come up with the kind of energy reform bill that will both reduce greenhouse gases and lead our country to energy independence. Both are goals that I support, and progress on the bill in the House was encouraging, but I felt it didn’t go far enough to protect energy consumers and industries in my district.

I believe that coal must and will play a major role in our nation’s transition to energy independence. In Ohio, 86 percent of our electricity comes from coal. And the vast majority of that coal comes from Appalachian Ohio. Because we are located in an area of the country that heavily relies on coal to turn on the lights and heat our homes, Ohio families and her energy intensive industries, like steel, will bear the brunt of the cost from this version of climate change legislation.

This legislation is still being worked on by the Senate and I’m eager to see what that bill looks like.


Charlie Wilson
Member of Congress
Ohio’s Sixth District


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