Score One for Common Sense

SCOTUS ruled 8-1 that schools do not have the right to strip-search 13 year old girls because they might be hiding a couple ibuprofen pills:

Clarence Thomas is a moron, but at least the other 8 justices have some sense.  Traumatizing kids by stripping them down is going to do more harm to the student body than letting slip by a teenager being able to self-medicate if she gets a headache.  I would hope that any reasonable person can see why this strip search was a horrible thing.  If they thought she was hiding a joint or a knife in her underclothes, that would be one thing.  Of course, in that case, one could say “get a search warrant” when practical.  But to completely freak out a 13 year old kid on the off chance she was hiding a substance that is not illegal outside school?  I think this case was pretty clear.


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