Sammy Sosa Used ‘Roids

And in other shocking new developments, Brett Favre won’t go away and the sun set in the west this evening.

I mean, on a totally subjective level, just look at the Sammy Sosa that played for Texas and for the White Sox, then look at the Sosa of the late ’90s and 2000s that was playing for the Cubs.  The transformation is just about as obvious as the one Barry Bonds went through.

That having been said, can we please stop this madness, what Clarence Thomas might call a high tech lynching, already?  Hitters juiced.  Pitchers juiced.  A ton of people juiced.  We’ll never know for sure whether most players juiced or not.  Now that we have testing we can punish those that juice; punish them and then move on with life.  But there is nothing we can do about the era before there was testing.  For one thing, no ex post facto, for another thing we’ll never know the names of everyone that juiced.  So just let it go.  Put players in the Hall-of-Fame if their careers warrant it.  Baseball couldn’t care less about steroid use in the times they played, so its not our place to care now.  Just close the book on that chapter and move on with life.  I mean, all this steroid talk threatens to distract us from important headlines, like that Vikings trainers gave Favre exercises to strengthen his arm, or that Zetterberg calls Sidney Crosby classless for not shaking his hand and Nick Lidstrom’s after Game 7 even though its their fault for leaving the rink too quickly.


One Response to “Sammy Sosa Used ‘Roids”

  1. Brian Says:

    Isn’t it excellent how the agreement to keep the 2003 test results secret is going so well? I hope the MLBPA is taking baseball to the labor relations board about this.

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