Right Wing Terrorism

A recent Homeland Security report saw this coming, citing “prolonged economic downturn, the demonization of immigrants, the election of the first black president, fears about losing the right to own guns, a banking crisis inciting age-old paranoia about “Jewish cabals” and predicting “”White supremacist lone wolves pose the most significant domestic terrorist threat because of their low profile and autonomy — separate from any formalized group — which hampers warning efforts.”*  The right wing hot air-osphere pounced on this and accused the Obama Administration of trying to demonize everyone on the right-hand half of the political spectrum.  Naturally, after the shooting death of an abortion doctor in Kansas (in church, no less) and yesterday’s assault on the Holocaust Museum by rightwing nutjobs proved that report prescient, you would have expected the Rush Limbaugh types to apologize for overreacting and getting that one wrong.

Hah!  As is his want, he decided to blame Obama and referred to James von Brunn as being leftwing, not rightwing.  Um, Rush, being anti-Semitic is not leftwing just because a few Louis Farrakhan black supremicist types are left wing.  Being white supremicist pretty much makes you right wing.  Far far looney tune whackjob right wing of course.  Obama is blameless here, and I don’t think I would need to tell most people that.  Now maybe if Rush Limbaugh wasn’t busy telling his listeners that Obama wants to destroy America and maybe if Pat Buchanan weren’t out there saying it was a mistake for the US to’ve entered World War II (how’s that for some right-wing anti-Semitism?) and maybe if Bill O’Reilly hadn’t continously called Dr. Tiller a baby-killer on his show and maybe if the anti-gun control zealousness of the NRA hadn’t assured that von Brunn actually had his gun legally despite once trying to take hostage the Federal Reserve Board (law-abiding citizens?) these incidents wouldn’t have happened.

Look, there are whackjobs and crackpots out there, and that isn’t going to change.  And the internet allows like minded sick individuals to network in a way that wasn’t possible before.  But maybe if those people wouldn’t be incited to the point of actually carrying out actual violence with such frequency if there wasn’t so much vitriol in our national political discourse.  Rush Limbaugh isn’t going to agree with a lot of Barack Obama’s policies, and that’s fine.  But we don’t need the destroying America anti-Christ birth certificate is faked secret Muslim (like there is anything wrong with being Muslim) bullshit.  Just stop.

* Quoted passages lifted from salon.com editorial by Joan Walsh appearing on 6/11/09


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  1. beth Says:

    Interesting article. It must be appreciated.

  2. su Says:

    Interesting article. It must be appreciated.

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