NBC Announcers Clueless

Usually Eddie O and Pierre McGuire come off as knowledgeble about hockey.  But not tonight.  They keep talking about dumb Penguin penalties lacking composure.  They act like the Pens are still trying to win the game.  Its 5-0 Detroit.  This game has been over since the middle of the 2nd period.  The Pens are taking message sending penalties, fighting back penalties.  Zetterberg mixes it up with Crosby at the end of play around the net, Crosby whacks him in the leg and Zetterberg falls down to make sure everyone saw that.  Talbot tests Datsyuk’s injured foot, which was a bit tasteless I admit.  They certainly wouldn’t do those things in a close game or an elimination game.  They just want to send a message in a blowout that they won’t be pushed around.  Its no different than the fight Malkin picked at the end of Game 2.  Its all a part of hockey, and I would think the veteran announcing crew for NBC would recognize that.

One thing Bylesma did that I don’t like was pulling Fleury.  I especially don’t like doing it in the middle of the period.  It fires up the home crowd and runs the risk of bruising his psyche worse than seeing another shot or two that he had no chance of stopping sail past him.  There was nothing wrong with his play; just one of those nights.  And, I know the fans in Pittsburgh.  If Giron shuts out a Detroit team marking time the last 25 minutes of this game people will be clamoring for him to start Game 6.  Obviously this is Fleury’s job, but I hate creating unnecessary distractions and sidebar stories.  Unfortunately the announcers at NBC have already created a doozy with their thinking that the Pens lost their composure.

Of course, this glut of Red Wings goals was unleashed when they started the 2nd period with territorial momentum having a power play because of an absurd goalie interference call against Kunitz.  He was steered at Osgood by a Red Wing and that was not a foul.  They didn’t score on that power play, but right as it was ending the Pens were caught on a line change by a heads up length of rink pass by Osgood.  Assuming they don’t actually erase a 5 goal deficit in the 3rd period the Pens will need to regroup in time to win Game 6 at home so they can take one more stab at solving Joe Louis Arena in Game 7.  This ain’t over yet!  Go Pens!


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