Penguins Still Okay

Obviously they did not want to be coming back home down 2-0 in the series like a year ago, but I have a lot more hope that they can pull it out than I had at this point a year ago.  They are matching the Red Wings but Detroit seems to be getting all the breaks.  They are getting most of the crazy bounce goals, and the Penguins are getting most of the hit the post plays.  And it has seemed to be legal for Zetterburg to cover the puck in the crease once a game, though both plays were sufficiently ambiguous as to avoid a penalty shot call.  At least the Pens did catch a break in that Malkin was not suspended for Game 3; the league rescinded the instigating penalty that was given in that end-game scrum last night.

Bottom line is I think they’ll be fine if they continue to play as hard as they did for the first 2 games.  If they can hold serve and go back to Detroit tied at 2, its anyone’s ballgame.  But they’ll need to find a way to get to Osgood for that to happen.  Personally, I wish Talbot had jabbed at him in the middle of the 3rd period to see if that sort of thing would rattle him a bit.  But just keep plugging away and trust that the luck will turn in their favor.

For a more thorough elaboration on some points, I would suggest readers visit:


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