Game 2 About to Start

Of the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Red Wings will be looking for the same 2-0 lead they staked themselves to last year, and the Pens will be looking for the split they wanted heading back to Pittsburgh.  I think if the Pens play with the same intensity they did in Game 1 they have a solid chance.  What cost them Game 1 were some fluke bounces off the rubbery Joe Louis Arena boards and their inability to bury the chances they had early in the 2nd period.  For all his talent Geno Malkin (and for that matter Crosby) is not the best breakaway/penalty shot scorer and the Pens failed on 2 power play chances.  I figure that special teams will play a more prominent role in Game 2 as tired players grab each other more and aggravated players beat up on each other more.  The Pens will need to come out on the plus side of the scoring in that area you would think.  Also, did the Pens win a faceoff the last 25 minutes of the game?  Its a sometimes overrated stat, but not when you are starting a power play (seeing as how the Pens seem to struggle at getting it set back up from the neutral zone) and not when you need to clear your defensive zone with tired players trapped by an icing call.  But we’ll see what happens in a few minutes.


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