After 2 Periods

The Wings lead 2-1 b/c it suddenly became legal for Marian Hossa to slash Pascal Dupuis so badly his stick broke.  That is as close as you come in the NHL to an automatic penalty call, but the refs were either blind or chose to not make to not make that call in “Hockeytown” and it led to the go-ahead goal.  Of course, while the power play was at that point over, the whole sequence was set up by a weak-ass interference call on Geno Malkin behind the play.  The Wings are able to play such wonderful defense because they commit interference all the time, like Kronwall on Staal late in the period not letting him get deep on a forecheck, but thoes plays don’t draw calls.  And when the Pens do overcome that, Osgood has been very solid in net.  He’s misplayed a couple pucks behind his net, but he’s been good in his crease.  Still time to pull this one out, and if they don’t, they were down 2-0 in the Washington series also and came back; they can do it again.  Even-handed officiating would help, though.


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