Its Sotomayor!

President Obama today announced his choice to replace the retiring SCOTUS Associate Justice David Souter, and its Sonia Maria Sotomayor.  She would be only the 3rd woman, and 1st hispanic, to serve on the high bench.  I am not a legal scholar, but it sounds like she has a strong resume with plenty of experience as a prosecutor and judge, and the 54 year old should be able to add vitality to the Court.  Of course conservatives will not be happy with the choice, but they weren’t going to be.  I have heard some complain that she is an activist that will bring an agenda to the court.  My first thought is to think that is not a bad thing; her agenda can cancel out Antonin Scalia’s.  Either way, her biography should prove hard for conservatives to block; not that they really have the votes to do so, especially if Al Franken gets to take his seat sometime.  Obama wants her confirmed before Congress’ August recess.  Not sure if that is realistic, but there is no reason she can’t at least be confirmed after Labor Day and before the new Court session in October.


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