Shot Heard ‘Round Cleveland

I’m not sure what kinds of superlatives would suffice to describe Lebron James’ game-winning shot in Game 2 against Orlando last night, so I won’t bother.  We’ll just say it was really huge and move on.  You could possibly argue that Orlando should’ve doubled Lebron and risk someone else getting wide open, but Hedu was right on him.  I think the look on Stan Van Gundy’s face immediately afterwards said it all.

As for the actual game, obviously it was vitally important that Lebron sink that shot, as losing the first 2 at home would’ve been extremely difficult for the Cavs to come back from.  Now if they can steal either Game 3 or Game 4 down in FLA they are back on track.  As for the Magic, they were tantalizingly close to stealing both games in Ohio.  One could question how they will handle that psychologically, but I think they’ll be fine.  After all, this team bounced back quite fine from blowing a huge lead in Game 5 of the Boston series.

What has to concern Orlando is the pathetically slow starts they have been getting off to; they are letting the Cavs double them up the first 15 minutes of the game.  Conversely, what has to concern the Cavs is the pathetically lousy 3rd quarters they are playing.  We’ll see if one team figures that out moreso than the other.


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