Common Sense From MLB, Fox

Not every day I can write that title, but a welcome change has been made.  It was announced today that starting this postseason World Series and American League Championship Series games on Fox will start before 8pm Eastern time, usually at 7:57 to be exact.  To which I say, “Hallelujah!  There is a God!”  We might actually get games that end at a reasonable hour and people in eastern time zones with day jobs can actually watch the game and get a few hours sleep afterwards.

They will also ponder playing weekend World Series games in daylight, but it won’t happen this season.  I hope they can work out those logistics and get that done also.  The trick there will be football, but to me it should be doable.  They are worried about lost ratings, but my hunch is if they plop a World Series game into the late afternoon window, football will make room.  On Saturday I would figure ABC would not show regional action at 3:30 but show night games instead, and that CBS might do the same with its SEC game that week.  As for the NFL on Sunday, that should be doable also.  CBS does not have any 4pm games Week 1 because of the men’s final US Open tennis.  Fox could do the same thing World Series weekend.  Make their entire schedule 1pm, which would only involve making sure Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona were all either on the road, on bye, in primetime, or hosting an AFC foe.  Perhaps NBC would take the week off like they do now and CBS would also not show 4pm games, but rather have a doubleheader with games at 1pm, go off the air, then come back for games at 8pm.

But whether they can work that out or not, I am certainly happy to have the earlier start times for the night World Series games.


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