Pens Win and Advance

Finally got to Simeon Varlamov, scoring 4 goals in just barely over 20 minutes.  Indeed Bruce Boudreau pulled the hot new goalie after that trying to spark the Capitals, but it didn’t really work.  This game may’ve been turned in the first few minutes when Marc-Andre Fleury stoned Ovechkin on a breakaway chance, but the Caps just played very unsteady the whole game.  A couple of the Pens goals were directly because of Caps players just standing around not picking up any assignments or doing much of anything.  But that was also at least partly because the Pens did an excellent job taking it to them.

So now the Pens advance to the Eastern Conference Final for the 2nd straight year and will play the winner of tomorrow night’s game between Boston and Carolina.  The Pens would have home ice advantage on the Hurricanes but not on the top seeded Bruins.  I am not aware of an exact schedule being announced but I would figure Game 1 would be on NBC Sunday afternoon.  The earliest it would be is Saturday night.  Should be fun!


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