Pens Get Critical Win in Game 5

Like Game 3 it took overtime because the Caps got a goal late in regulation to tie that game.  Like most of this series Alexander Ovechkin is a scoring machine when not going after one of the Russians in the Pens’ lineup.  Like most of this series Simeon Varlamov played outstanding.  But the Pens were able to prevail anyhow when Geno Malkin’s attempt to pass to Crosby on a 2-on-1 hit the Caps defenseman’s stick and went in the net.  I’ll take it!

The temptation now will be to relax, with Game 6 being back in Pittsburgh after an actual day off, that they have it now.  Its advantage Penguins, but they can’t relax for a seconds.  This has been a tough and highly entertaining series, and I look for the Caps to come out with the same desperate energy in Game 6 that the Pens had in Game 3.  Should be entertaining.  Go Pens!


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