Pens Capture Game 3

But don’t blame Caps goalie Simeon Varlamov.  I think Washington may’ve found a keeper with this guy!  The Pens scored 3 goals; Fedotenko when his pass deflected back to him and he shot it in behind Varlamov who was sliding over to where the pass was going, Malkin on a power play on a total screen job, and Letang in OT on a slapshot that deflected off a Cap in front of the net.  With the exception of the first 10 minutes of the game which saw an Ovechkin goal on a fluke play when Fleury lost his stick, the Pens totally outplayed the Caps tonight but it took OT after a late 3rd period Caps goal because of Varlamov.  I’m hoping the Pens can wear him down or figure him out a bit, because they aren’t going to dominate this much every game.

Now the schedule could play a huge role in how this thing plays out.  Game 4 is Friday night in Pittsburgh and Game 5 is Saturday night in Washington, the only back-to-back setup in any series in these playoffs.  I’m not sure what the NHL’s logic was on that one; this series started last of the 4 in this round, yet it would finish a night sooner than any other should they all go 7 games.  In order to pull that off, we have a back-to-back for the 4th and 5th games, with travel (albeit a short trip) involved.  For momentum reasons I think there is a fair chance that whoever wins Game 4 will also win Game 5.  If that’s Washington they win the series.  If its the Pens they would be up 3-2 with Game 6 at home on Monday.  But I guess we’ll see what happens.


One Response to “Pens Capture Game 3”

  1. Nick Says:

    I assume the schedule makers placed Game 5 the night after Game 4 in order to have two games on both Saturday and Sunday while still allowing the Red Wings and Ducks a second travel day (which is needed when you have a night PDT game followed up by an afternoon EDT one.)

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