Souter Saunters Away from Supremes

Let the fun begin as we have our first Supreme Court opening of the Obama Years.  Bush 41 nominee but reliably liberal Justice David Souter is retiring at the remarkably (for Associate Justice of the SCOTUS) young age of 69.  Making the assumption (hope) that Al Franken will be allowed to take his Senate seat by this summer the Democrats have 60 members in their caucus, so the President should be able to confim who he wants, assuming he avoids someone with strong character flaws or who is so liberal as to fail the left wing version of the Robert Bork Rule.  I assume Obama will use that position of strength to try to drive home a relatively young and vibrant liberal bulwark.  I am not sufficiently an expert on these things to give you names but I would look for the nominee to be about 50 years old, definitively left of center and possibly though not necessarily a minority and/or woman.  In other words, a Democrats version of John Roberts.  Let the good times roll!


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